Welcome to IMO Labs and
the Fascinating World of Microbiomes


Interactive Micro-organisms Laboratories Pte Ltd (IMO Labs) is a natural biotechnology company specializing in the use of biological solutions to solve condition-specific problems and enhance productivity in the agri-veterinary, food, human health and environment industries.

IMO Labs' technology is highly innovative and disruptive. Its core competency lies in the use of proprietary platform technologies to formulate, upscale and stabilise both culturable and non-culturable components of microbial communities for many different areas of application. These formulations have the ability to shift microbiomes which in turn bring about significant improvement in health and productivity. The formulations also exhibit robustness in real situations, produce consistent results, are highly scalable and can work synergistically with chemical inputs. IMO Labs' solutions are 100% natural and fit well into current global trends to seek out sustainable and environment-friendly solutions.

IMO Labs' business offerings include standard products, customised solutions and contract R&D services. In the agri-technology area, IMO Labs also develops integrated biological farming systems. IMO Labs work with partners through business models including product reselling/distribution and technology licensing.